Monday, October 20, 2008

Every Day is Like Sunday

We've made it clear our feeling that sport is soap opera for men, so when I caught an NFL commercial trying to tap into the sensitive/indie market this past Sunday, I burst with laughter. Tarnishing Morrissey by having the same ad guys who re-cut vocals for Dodge Truck commercials sing "Every Day is Like Sunday" as a way to sell us mainstreamers football has to be one of the worst advertising pairings in history. N'Sync for Chili's baby back ribs makes sense but Morrissey for American Football? It seems unlikely the publishing company was pitching this song as a cheap option, rather someone must've typed into the database: give me any song with 'Sunday' in the title. No other explanation could allow for this mismatched Ole Miss Frat Boys meet Mexican Angelenos conjoiner. It just doesn't jive with American Football, except of course, in a world where Sundays are laced with emotion and unlikely dramatic twists in an open ended romantic serial. Seriously, give that guy a raise, Morrissey.

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ken campbell said...

as a fan of America's funniest team, the Dallas Cowboys, i think Morrissey is quite appropriate these days

Anonymous said...

here is the advert. fucking yanks

Joshua said...

One big miss-o. No way the average middle american football fan has ever consciously listened to a morrissey song.
Do agree that Football Sunday's is the alpha-male "my stories", though.


the running mule

the running mule