Sunday, November 02, 2008

Skateboarding Is A Crime

Add another to the laundry list of unAmerican activities taking place in New York City. Only here would they incorporate street urchin criminal hi-jinx into the high school curriculum. How's this possibe in the US of A you ask? Well, Manhattan is technically an island off the coast of America and it's ruling cabal of leftists have rejected Joe Six-Pack morality for the promise of wealth and fame. Damn Socialists! The proud proclamation in City Halls up and down main street America recognizing skateboarding as crime is as forgotten in the Big Apple as the Commandment about coveting your neighbors ass. Hopefully, when the NeoCon Regime retains power on Tuesday (fingers crossed for the sake of this blog) they will take on Manhattan and the redistributive ways of its heathen Elites.


Anonymous said...

Redistribution is part of everyone's plan Einstein.

Anonymous said...

neighbor's ass as mule? just curious.

Jerri Isuzu said...

If only skateboarding were a crime would it be cool again

tom said...

Skateboarding is an all american sport


the running mule

the running mule