Monday, June 15, 2009

The Legendary Satchel Page

One of the greatest baseball characters of all time was the outrageous Satchel Paige. Without his relentless showboating and barnstorming through an America tainted by Jim Crow there could have no Jackie Robinson in MLB. Period.

His life was something, totally screwed and completely amazing at the same time. For me he'll always be the greatest baseball pitcher ever. The rest can hang fire. He was a trickster so crazily confident that he'd pull his teammates from the field and challenge the opposition alone. Whether white or black, those dudes had no chance against his 'titty,' 'nightmare,' or 'four day creeper' pitches. Satchel page was as great as they get. Do yourself a favor and listen to Larry Tye talk knowingly about Satchel Page on Fresh Air.

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Ty said...

You breathed some fresh air into Fresh Air. I had felt that Terry's baby had grown a little stale and I hadn't listened in a long while.

Oh. Good shit. Quality programming. My bad.

The Satchel Page piece was tops.

Kudos for putting this up, Money.


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the running mule