Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Pick Your Poison: The Debate Plods On

Whether you're pulling for John Sidney McCain III or Barack Hussein Obama, tonight's debate in Nashville will no doubt bring more politics as caricature. So why not turn the empty gestures of party politics into a drinking game? Every time John Sidney sez maverick swig from your Bud Light can and grab a hunk of SPAM off the tv tray. When you hear Barack Hussein mention community organizing give your Kendall Jackson chardonnay a good swirl and schmear some unpasteurized chèvre on a Carr's Table Water cracker. If, like me, you find them both pandering party confidence men then celebrate every time the moderator gets involved.

As for 3rd party options, there's always:
The Beer To Have

When You're Having More Than One


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Matthew Cavnar said...

the accuracy with which you name the cracker brand is eerie.

pineapple said...

you have been spot on with the cracker, but spam? there is no faster way to turn your drinking game into a puke-a-thon. I can just listen to sarah palin and not waste perfectly good beer.

Anonymous said...

Come on pineapple you cant diss "the hawaiian steak." Besides it's as unpatriotic to hate SPAM as it is to want to pay taxes. SPAM, “the miracle meat” gave our american GI's the strength to win the big ones.

agent mule said...

i gonna need a beer after this listening to all this

L|p$ said...


BHL said...

american politics is out there


the running mule

the running mule