Thursday, October 23, 2008

The Collapsing Log Cabin Fever of Matt Drudge

I really have no idea if Matt Drudge is a torch or not. I just continue to be amazed that this whole Bush admin generated national nightmare was caused by Drudge's loose lips on a measly consensual blow job. Who rats out blow jobs? Today, according to Eric Boehlert, The Drudge Report just might be loosing some of its shit stirring magic. And because what real red blooded American, ninny or otherwise, doesn't love Doris Day, I want to tell Matt, "Don't fret honey, Que Sera Sera"

Oct 31 - UPDATE: Does Drudge Matter Anymore?

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jenny glass said...

wasnt he married to ariana huffington?

Anonymous said...

the DrudgeReport is anything but. it brightens my day everyday 12 times a day

Anonymous said...

Drudge fomented outrage in the conservative blogosphere yesterday when he posted an item about an attack in Pittsburgh where an African American mugger supposedly carved a “B” into 20-year-old Ashley Todd’s cheek after he noticed a John McCain bumper sticker on her car. Many feared the sudden injection of racial fears into the race, but it turns out that they need not to worry: The entire thing was a hoax. The supposed victim, who volunteers for McCain’s campaign, admitted to police today that she made it up after taking a polygraph test. Pittsburgh police say they will press charges against her.

Jack Shafer said...

Slate contends Don't Count Drudge Out
His demise is overreported once again.


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the running mule