Sunday, October 26, 2008

Watch Willie Nelson, Jesse Ventura & Alex Jones Live 10PM EST

In Austin, The Backyard is closing today and that's a sad reminder that as predicted the former Hill Country gem has turned into just another fucking city. To celebrate the shuttering, Willie Nelson is playing a show there this evening you can watch live on the interweb. While Willie strumming is alway a good time, special guests from beyond the fringe, Jesse Ventura and Alex Jones should make this one of the few times you'll feel safer watching from a distance, online from an unspecified location.

At 10PM EST grab a beer and Click. The gentle sounds of "high as a kite" country twang laced with bold faced conspiracy talk will lull you off to never-never-land like a handful of ryphnol in your favorite desert topping. Set two alarms.

And if you miss the live stream click yourself over into Alex Jones' world anyway. Though logging-in from a Kinko's or Public Library might be advisable.

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Anonymous said...

Who needs trees. Let's cut them all down and make strip centers. Adios Backyard (as we know it).

Anonymous said...

terrible camerawork

red said...

Sorry I missed that one. A real harmonic convergence...or big bang or something.


the running mule

the running mule