Friday, October 24, 2008

When Times Get Tough, The Weak Turn Weird

When life gets chaotic, its natural to crave order. But as the global financial system spins out of control people should be aware that the craving for order can distract you. It was during the last Great Depression that tarot cards and newspaper horoscopes exploded into the mainstream. Hard times suppress common sense and people often turn to conspiracy theory and superstition for explanation, searching for patterns where none exist, and finding rosetta stones in every Alex Jones or George Noory broadcast.

The sound advice here is probably to stick with financial planners as opposed to crystal ball gazers or info-radio beacons. However, I have noticed, when comparing the forecasts of my weatherman to those of my astrologer, that 9 times out 10 the horoscope is a better predictor of things to come. Could just be me though, I was born under an auspicious sign.

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Augie said...

My horoscope is way better than the weather today. Lets Party!


This is a panic in the way of the fine 19th-century panics, where we all run around like headless chickens.


the running mule

the running mule