Thursday, October 09, 2008

And Now For Something Completely Different

The show SPIN is running at the old Cherry Lane Theater in Greenwich Village thru Nov 8 and is getting big ups here at The Mule. This is fiery and subversive shit from the stageFARM not some lily-livered broadway sap.

The show is comprised of 5 short plays dealing with the topic of spin and runs from 8-9:15pm in the evening. It's a bargain, it's fast paced and smart. Sneak in a flask if you must, but get out an mingle minions.

Half price tickets can be had by thumping the discount code

"As with last year's 'Vengeance,' the stageFarm is interested in using five great playwrights as a barometer for what's happening now. 'Spin' is this year's zeitgeist, it's the victory of style over substance. Presentation increasingly obscures content in American discourse and decision-making. The media, industry, politics, the establishment and the arts have conspired to bring us not their constituent parts, but a presentation of what they would like us to think they are. 'Spin' is the icing under which the cake of our country now lumbers. Everyone's running around spun out, high on icing"


belle said...

who is writing this blog jersey kosinski? i don't get if this represents diversity of culture or multiple personality disorder.

Anonymous said...

the adam rapp piece is hilarious


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