Saturday, October 25, 2008

My Principle of Uncertainty

The Many-Worlds Theory makes the simple conclusion that one probabilistic outcome is as real as any other and therefore predicting an immense surplus of many-worlds branching away from each moment of now. In other words there exists an infinite number of copies of our identical present, but in the next moment, in each copy there is one single particle that is in a slightly different position than all the others.

Imagine one hipster party in Williamsburg, Brooklyn sprouting another almost completely identical party and then another one and another and so on and so on. Charming, eh?

Take these two worlds, so similar yet not, but obviously both existing. Right?

The shit's heavy. In a unforeseen twist, Parallel Worlds, Parallel Lives follows E, the weird leader of the band EELS, across the country as he confronts the Many-Worlds Theory while unraveling the story of his possibly weirder father—iconoclastic quantum physicist Hugh Everett III. It's trip out right on your computer.

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caz said...

i feel like i wandered into a hall of mirrors


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the running mule