Saturday, October 18, 2008

Still Showin' Through, Boysss

According to the critical darlings at the Austin Chronicle, the Scoot Inn can claim the Best Bar Interior in Austin. Describing the place as "gold rush funeral home meets Tamale House" is an intoxicating depiction of the Scoot.

This former mexican heroin bar on the wrong side of the tracks just so happens to be owned by one of our favorite madmen, the oft-mentioned Herr Stockbauer. A man whose history of election rigging and fraud makes Acorn look like the Glee Club. Regardless of over stuffed ballot boxes and influence peddling, the Chronicle's recognition of the Scoot Inn's magical interior is warranted. The antiquated trappings of victorian splendor haphazardly allied with weimar republican decadence make this place unlike any other watering hole north or south of the Mason-Dixon. But more than anything, it's the collection of nefarious jackals who call the Scoot Inn their 'Local," that's earned it the more accurate descriptor- "Paul Lynde's Head."


harold said...

Is that Har Mar Superstar in the pic? The fat jewishy looking one with the shirt off?

Neil the Eder said...

Stockabauer's bar is a graveyard of Emo's castaway cowboy. but a nice play to lay low for a few weeks

kylie e. coyote said...

shorts off

Anonymous said...

Has to be one of the worst bars in Austin. The Chronicle sucks

Anonymous said...

gregory peck's arm


the running mule

the running mule