Thursday, October 16, 2008

Your Blazing Saviours

Do yourself a favour and hit up the Charleston in Williamsburg tonight. A metal show in that tiny venue is sure to blow the roof off the place and your head off your shoulders. Headlining are the incredible Saviours whose stonery metal brings back major 70's riffage and all around good headbanging vibes. Tthis is the only night you'll ever see them in a venue of less than a 100 people! Rounding out a terrific lineup are stalwarts Titan and Villains.

What I like about heavy metal is the sort of renaissance fair gone methhead vibe. There is danger but also some loveable gallantry. So get thee to the Charleston pleb where the night will be thankfully free of swing jazz. Sort of reminds me of that ELP song, Lucky Man what with the guitar mayhem and fair maidens by the score.


cyril action said...

When i first came across this I thought it was a show in South Carolina and was so excited. But Brooklyn, New York? A bunch of fucking yankees.

brice said...

Heavy Metal in Hipsterberg? What are you gonna tell me next? That Iragi's like metal?


the running mule

the running mule