Sunday, October 19, 2008

The Proverbial Turd Blossom

Growing up picking hallucinogenic mushrooms out of cow patties, we took to referring to them as turd blossums to keep Gram and Gramps from wising up to our early morning forages amongst the heifers. When Bush nicknamed Karl Rove his "Turd Blossom" it definitely ungilded our psychedelic lilly a bit. Dubya must have recognized Rove's potent magic out on the West Texas plain and bestowed a nickname capable of bending reality and conjuring every possible Presidential grandeur. It was a helluva trip. Rove is gone now from the President's dreams and radio silence is the only thing emanating from the White House. With typical cleverness our favorite old time Republican, John Batchelor recognized this loss of vigor and explains how not having Rove's merry pranksterism at hand has left the Bush Administration as boring and blunt as Carrie Nation's hatchet upon a barstool.

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Jeri said...

Agent Mule, In cow shit?

stephen said...

karl rove and bush on mushrooms? those douchebags probably eat nothing but steak washed down a with bag of massengale vinegar


the running mule

the running mule