Friday, October 10, 2008

The Wisdom of Waiting for the Messiah

Lyndon Flakebower (not his real name) made us take down the internet classic My Best Fiend video cuz it was interfering with his ability to conduct business with Banana Republicans and oil industry zealots. Times are tough if you don't have a trunk full of krugerrands buried in the briar patch, so we understood. Pulling the greatest gold to ever hit the internet from YouTube was difficult and our addiction to Flakebowerian revelry sent us scrambling to pantries far and wide for leftovers, crumbs of the master to see us through this depression. A depression in every sense of the word.

The Royal Order of Flakebowerian Nonesuch is gonna have to lay low for a few fiscal quarters. At least until our Wall Streeter gone wild feels we're worthy of his return. So commit his words, his wisdom and his visage to memory. Remember him. Clicking on the pictures will yield hints at the breadth of the masters accumen but keep it on the down low. And remember boysssss, it's just business.

to live on in hearts...

Just kidding you can see the video here


Anonymous said...

You can put me back on just leave my God damn name off geez. My industrial stock portfolio has melted because of all this.

jim said...

Let's not let a little market tumble ruin our School Pride!! When and where should we see the TEXAS/OU game? Scoot? Bloody Marys anyone.

Cheers, Jim Stockbauer EAST INNS, LLC owner

debbie said...

startin' to show through boys!

gabbo said...

the oscar meyer gone wilde of his generation


the running mule

the running mule