Saturday, October 18, 2008

Just Like Heaven?

The story of Governor Sarah Pallin's Main Street USA is a real humdinger, yet the way the state government hands out welfare it could easily be the story of Main Street USSA. Albeit with churches awash in petro dollars poised to host the Last Days refugees. And moose (pl)

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Nicolicious said...

alaska is a whale boner of a state

Anonymous said...

The only thing i know about Alaska is that Chris McCandless got on a school bus there and never got off. Fuck that place

garrison said...

mainstream america my ass.

Anonymous said...

I don't know much about the welfare ssytem in Alasaka. However I can tell you a few facts Circa 1980's. Anchorage had the highest VD and alchohalism rate per capita in the nation, an incredible 42% and 53% respectivly. To deal with this problem AISD had a rather indepth SEx Ed program for 8-9 grades. A free clinic in Downtown Anch. was established for med treatment.
The trans- Alaska Pipeline was our answer to the Opec Embargo of the early 70's. It travelled from Prudoh Baay down to VAldez and went online in 1977. From that time till about 1985 Alaska saw a large increase in population. Anchorage was regarded as a boom town with a pop. of 250,000 people. Half the population of the entire state in one city. SOcial and cultural transition was something everyone had to deal with. Many who moved up there were stuck, simply because of the cost of moving back to the LOwer 48 was insurmountable. The isolation of the state along with enviromental transistions such as Cold and darkness could lead to cabin fever. The young simply partyed. Liquer stores were usualy open till 4am. Marijuana was leagal up to 4 oz per person( until the 1986 Federal Hwy Bill). There was always a supply of high grade bud. Indica(purple) in the winter, Hawaian (puna butter) in the early break up and spring and the most incredible herb to ever be cultivated by man-MAtinuska THunder FUck in the summer. Sporadic apperances of Thai Stick and BUdahh Stick were also in attendance. For the most part Alasakans were laid back; However there was a surge of sessationist feelings when the FEd claimed an icredible 80% of the interior as government land. Couple this with washigntons drooling at the mouth over state tax revenue that was levied on the oil companys and people were plenty fed up (ha ha) with congress. In order to protect the tax revenue from the pillage of washignton, the state effectively placed that oil revenue money out of reach by establishing a permanent dividend fund, in which every man woman and child would receive $1000. per year while a citizen of alaska.
Alaska was a great place to grow up and had a very good system at the time. Sking and snowmaching in the winter were great diversions. Fishing in the summer was incredible. I took me along time to stop missing alaska.


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the running mule