Thursday, October 23, 2008

Fatten Up Already

America is obsessed with miracle diets. The latest, a morning banana craze is sweeping across Japan and moving with tsunamic certainty towards the gullible food fadests of the Lower 48. Alaska has blubber and Hawaii has Wo Fat, so they get a pass on this plea to defeat dietary hucksterism at home. The rest of us seem to have no idea why fat is important. And after all, you really are what you eat. Jennifer McLagan and Michael Pollan both have written interestingly about food as history and how "diet book culture" has fogged over our memories and taste buds.

In the Beginning, people hunted animals, ate the fat of those animals and lo and behold their brains got bigger. That's the story. Our story. So don't monkey with the system people. Your body needs fat. It doesn't need tofu pups or food that has been "optimized for your health." Over processed foods are bullshit and imitation food is nonsense. Eat simple fresh things.

Now don't go overboard with bacon smoothies or bone marrow tacos, simply eat loads of fresh veggies as a counter balance. Meals with lard or butter or schmaltz are more satisfying and keep you from gorging on crap like Rice-A-Roni, the San Franciso Treat. A change in eating habits will have a greater health and economic impact on the nation than the cumulative impact of the next 20 wonder drugs.

And because the pharmaceutical giants are only in business to make money they will screw you. Better served to eat like a caveman: grab the pork butter to fry your turnip greens, braise some ox-tails and lather fresh butter on whole bread. Your life will be changed and your heart will be none the wiser because a barbecued brisket is assuredly less dangerous than a stray banana peel.

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chenyip said...

MMMMMM. Brisket.

I know what I'm doing this weekend.

bobby mitch said...

meat is good food

g-man said...

bring on the fatty bottomed girls

lidia said...

Batali partner and heir apparent to the Lidia’s Italy empire, Joe Bastianich has “switched from marathon eating to marathon training,” according to the Times. Bastianich, who will race in the New York City Marathon on Sunday, picked up running two years ago after being diagnosed with sleep apnea, and has since shed 45 pounds. His wife, Deanna, is obviously psyched for his improved health, but admits she’s “still getting used to seeing Joe in the spandex running pants.” Plus, you’ve got to love Lidia’s Italian-mother maneuver, calling her son’s path to overindulgence “a potent current, a beautiful, enriching current.” But the highlight of this story is its happy ending. Unlike reformed Italian ham and triathlete Rocco DiSpirito, Bastianich has sculpted his physique on a steady diet of breakfast risotto, steak, face-bacon pizza, and Champagne.


the running mule

the running mule