Monday, November 14, 2005

The Legendary Brown Rope

Our ace in the hole at Vice, Gavin McInnes, got married 2 months ago and the stag upstate was unrivaled; days of lunacy punctuated by moments of some pretty cagey brilliance. One of the best moments was at a beautiful little swimming hole after we'd deftly given Jim McInnes and his Pirates of Pissed Pants the slip. Christien Primeaux, known for his hulking frame, hairy back and tiny twig like legs, slipped below a waterfall and found himself precariously perched over a steep drop. Below were rocks slippery and sharp. He was scared and we were all drunk and laughing when suddenly Stockbauer shrieked “throw him the brown rope, throw him the brown rope.” We all looked around anxiously as Christien started to scream, “No, please. Whatever you do, do not throw me that brown rope. Seriously, I'm about to fall!" It was then we realized Derrick Beckles was methodically making his way towards Chin all the while twirling his member like Will Rogers at a prison rodeo. The tears in Chin's eyes were priceless, his fall 6 feet onto the hard rocks hilarious. Lesson: grab the goddamn rope!

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Johnny K. Weissmuller said...

I don't understand why Chin did not simply grab a hold of the rope. He could have easily swung straight to safety. Come on swinger.


the running mule

the running mule