Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Either Rain Or Sloots Or Even Blow

Problems with the mail? Ask Intern Billy! The thing with interns is they don't like to go to the mailbox and they have no mottos about bad weather, bad girls, or bad drugs. So when VICE Records outgoing mail stacked up all over the front of the office, Rob gently asked the kids in the front of the class about it. The old intern blushed deep crimson while the rest milled about in their gmail accounts. When cornered, however, La Czarina de la Oficina, Melissa Burgos bellowed, "Do it your damn self!" Needless to say a lot of people from the back of the office came forward to take care of their own damn postal things.


Intern Billy said...

VICE was founded on DIY, so take a cue from the past good buddies.

the old(er) intern said...

well, once we get our intern union up and running I am hoping to put an end to this taking of mail to the box. that is bullshit and something I think paid employess should be taking care of.

Anonymous said...

she can really be quite bossy!


the running mule

the running mule