Friday, November 18, 2005

Wu Tang Clank

Our intrepid field ops have just unearthed another telling little dandy from the dirty jeans of VICE's past. Our glorious leader's business card, circa 1995!

Is that a breakdancer I spy? Talk about headspinning. My mind is reeling and someone's face is surely reddening on this one, dear readers. So let's adjourn from our gentle poking of egos and commence with the laughter which springs eternal from the folly of youth, or say, one's early 30's. Youngsters what fools! Haha. More incriminating documentation is sure to rear its ugly and unmissed head so stay tuned.

Well, tracked down the original idea man behind this card's design and Mr. McInnes admitted, "I designed them. I'm the one responsible. It was a TV filter that just came out on the internet after one of the earlier photoshop. I think it was called "retroscan." That's why the breakdancers look like they're on TV. And the bees swarming all over the text were killer bees from the Wu Tang. The crumpled up text was also a very cornball photoshop thing going around at the time. I had just learned graphic design at the time and wanted to use every trick available.


X said...

wow, i'd say that if this blog wasn't being done by an unpaid intern, someone would be fired for this post.

Farkas said...

Business cards are so 1995


the running mule

the running mule