Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Sneak Peak?

If you ever find yourself wandering the politically correct world of how to characterize certain hunting and gathering cultures? An overhead Office dialogue about athletic footwear recreated here will at least set you straight down this chosen avenue.

Nadine: Hey Ben, what is it you call someone into shoes? A sneaker freaker?

Ben: Typically either sneakerhead or sneakerfreak, either one.

Nadine: Oh, but not freaker?

Ben: Yeah, no, just freak. Actually, you know, sneaker freaker is kind of a
derogatory term for it, you wouldn't want to use that.

Nadine: Ah, okay, so just freak.


Sarah Hoye said...

For more on this check out Charlie Morgan and his book, Sneakers: The Complete Collector’s Guide

Mars Blackman said...

Its gotta be the shoes!


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the running mule