Sunday, November 27, 2005

Katrina To Wit

What a fucking shit storm Hurricane Katrina laid on the Gulf Coast. Check these videos from Frontline, especially the one by Kennard Jackley of New Orleans. While Mr. Jackley is clearly a badass old codger, curiously he sounds just like that long lost, musical shit storm, Jon Wayne. And if listening to Jon streaming Texas Jackin Ledge doesn't put you in a sympathetically disastrous state of mind nothing I can ever suggest will.


anton said...

That song is fucked up man. Is it for real?

Anonymous said...

Kennard had some great lines in the video! The footage is incredible.

"It don't look good for the home team!"

"that house is listing to the bow"!

"finally got rid of them bastards..he he"

I felt bad laughing at his commentary while all that destruction was going on.

We from Slidell, LA that know Kennard call the video "Katrina vs Kennard"


Anonymous said...

You can now order a copy of this video online!

Excerpts of this footage was featured on PBS "Frontline", CNN, CNN International, WWLTV New Orleans, and Fox 8 WVUE New Orleans. Soon to be seen on The Weather Channel's, "Full Force Nature" and continues to show up all over the country in the wake of the storm and its cleanup.

Order a copy of the video! Proceeds go to help reconstruct their home, and a portion supports Habitat for Humanity!


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the running mule