Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Pickle Pluggin Poo?

This afternoon an email made the rounds of the Vice Office

>Could whoever clogged the toilet in the "quiet room" please resolve the
>fucking issue they created. Contrary to popular belief I am not the office's
>personal shit jockey.

>For future reference, if you have even the faintest impression that you
>might have dropped a plug, please take the necessary 5 seconds to verify.

The Crack Vice Shit Jockey Investigative Team of MB & TM quickly determined that the culprit had been subsisting for weeks on a thoroughly stomach churning diet of pickles and milk. With this clue alone the guilty party was immediately identified.

Contact Encyclopedia Brown for the Answer to this murky mystery!


Dirty Dietz said...

Dude, it was totally me. I'm the shit king.

Anonymous said...


helmut said...

pickles and milk? huh?


the running mule

the running mule