Thursday, November 10, 2005


Just move to town? Or merely want people to think you have cool friends? Call Rent-A-Buddy. We will size up your situation and pretend to be friends with you as long as needed. Our dubiously trained cavalcade of tattooed pretty boys would be happy to come over and pound your sauce and rankle your neighbors. Beam us in whether you are in the mood for good time party companions or crazed nihilists as our guys can spin on a dime to meet any party theme demands that may arise. And don't forget our motto here at Rent-A-Buddy: "We get lonely too."


Anonymous said...

Is that a tattoo fo Che Guevara on that dudes back?

Anonymous said...

How do I call these guys?

jim mankin said...

It most certainly is che. I was at that party and I know that dickweed. He loves mr. guevara so much he bought a t-shirt. I f you are interested in booking please call 512-563-8990.

GMM said...

The tattoo doesn't just say 'destruction' it says 'destruction creates.' That's written across a massive jellyfish that is holding two people in its tentacles: Chiang Kai Shek and Fidel Castro. Those were two immigrants that came into a country, wiped out the previous cultures and started new, prosperous ones. I also have a machine gun on my arm that says 'arm your desires' in Arabic. The days of the West are numbered and I will be the impetus that destroys it. I am turning America inside out from the outside in. Soon George Bush will be in the tentacles hands and a new creed will take over. DESTRUCTION CREATES!"


the running mule

the running mule