Monday, November 14, 2005

Strange Things Afoot At Kasias

Our covert Bedford Avenue field operative reports several strange happenings
this afternoon at Kasias luncheonette:

Spotted at a table in front were none other than our Bensonhurst Bolsheivek, the Brooklyn bopper himself, Intern William Moore! Accompanying him was his lovely lady Lauren. The two furtively paid their bills, grabbed their kielbasas and skedaddled. What Tsarist Agenda was being plotted?

Also spied was a clandestine group of VICE office managers and an unknown, well dressed Mr. X. huddled around a table in back speaking in hushed tones. Was it about nefarious methods of debt collection or something more....sinister? Tune in next week, faithful rumor mulers.

editor's note: a photo slated to accompany this post was destroyed by one of the parties involved who shall not be named because in truth he scares us a bit. You see it is not all champagne and cabbage rolls for the Paparazzi of VICE heretofore referred to as CobraSnake wannabes.


Springa said...

Ever notice how all the girls there dress like the DON'T girl?

Anonymous said...

It must be something in the Kielbasa


the running mule

the running mule