Friday, November 25, 2005

Like Shopping? Buy This!

The newest VICE Doll is the Eddy Moretti. Next to Thomas Morton, aka Baby Balls, he is the most amazing character in VICE’s house of dazzle. The charismatic and macho Moretti is the Steve McQueen of VICE, well except for the motorcycle crashing and gonorrhea business. Eddy is certain to become one of the decade's most soughtafter VICE figurines forever defining the qualities looked for in cinematic action heroes. Can you feel the style through your screen?


e said...

one of the decades most sought after vice dolls? oh so you mean two people will buy this? eddy and eddy's mother? (gift from eddy) these dolls are going to go over like a LEAD ZEPPELIN.

jeff said...

what is the guy in the background? he looks like a bloated john belushi in blues brothers.

i can't even imagine the fragility of this bozo's ego

derrick said...

talk about dolls!


the running mule

the running mule