Wednesday, November 09, 2005


Once the Big 3 thought it would be fun to stay out all night drinking before taking the interns deep sea fishing out in Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn. Our captain was named Sorkin, a Russian from the neighborhood who seemed the perfect match when first spied drinking Stolichnaya from a paper-bagged bottle and eating fried pork rinds in front of Bernie's Bait & Tackle at 7am.

Sheepshead Bay has drawn metropolitan anglers and epicures since its founding in the early 1800's, he said. Anglers and epicures! Not drunken intern Billy ranting about tsarist agendas and Colorado Bull Dogs. But, well, and you can probably see the flaw in this evolving scenario, after we had been out in the Bay for a couple of hours, Sorkin tired of intern Billy. Hard to imagine, I know, but it seems Sorkin is a Doukhobor, which apparently is some kind of insane religious anarchist and I am not sure if he was unnerved by the blustery tsarist intrigue or he just folded under the weight of so many NYU students debasing his beloved vodka with a saccharine mix of coca-cola and Kahlua. Tough call really. Anyhow, he cut the short trip much to appreciation of Jessica and myself. Yet somehow amongst all the vomiting and staggering around on the deck no one but the Captain had noticed New Orleans Matt catching a cooler full of fucking fish. Sorkin was so jazzed when we finally got back to the dock laughing about college kids and small tits that he posed for this photo.

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Fishing in brooklyn? Now I am beginning to think this whole site is some Vice Ruse. To sell more advertising perhaps? Or charter boats?


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