Monday, December 19, 2005

Subways Are Boring

Kids love junk food. And sadly here at VICE some have fallen victim to the insipid marketing of America's unbiquitous chem-lab cuisine craze. I see them wolfing down their Taco Bell Greasy Chochas and Burger King Double Crappers and wonder in amazement. What did their parents feed them that made this garbage seem an upgrade? So when the crafty people at Motherless Brooklyn starting postering the neighborhood with this hilarious SUBWAY indictment, I was thrilled.

Just the other day two Jared S. Fogle wannabees in marketing (clue#1) were extolling the virtues of SUBWAY sandwiches. I am still dumbfounded by their perspective. You can't find a more boring sandwich in all of Brooklyn. They taste like water. The long and the short of it is: Eating SUBWAY is as idiotic as drinking SNAPPLE. Print out a copy for your idiot's cubicle. I did.


bendejo72 said...

we should franchise out "motherless brooklyns". we could have a "motherless hyde park" in austin that extols the virtues of line drying clothing vs. laundry mat drying. who needs all that hot exhaust and lint anyway?!

Dave Thomas said...

Fuck Subways indeed. I have actually started a petition/sign campaign of my own, entitled "Bring Wendy's to Bedford", in the hopes of bringing the delicious fast food chain to our doorstep. Who's with me?


the running mule

the running mule