Thursday, December 15, 2005

Armies of the Frozen Night!

If the MTA goes on strike at 12:01 AM Friday, it could make for a long day to and fro the office. Rumor has it taxi drivers may even fold up shop in solidarity. Yikes! If a situation ever shouted out for the popular VICE office version of Call and Response - “Like Walking?” “Walk here!” - this would be it. And, if you don’t like walking, well tough shit monkey.

And while a transit strike will stress every subway and bus commuter in this Godforsaken city, perhaps the trusty two-wheeler needs to make a mid-winter appearance. Armies of Two Wheelers in the Frozen Night! Since most commutes are no further than about five miles, biking is a cinch in NYC. Well except for the potholes, bad drivers, rock throwing street urchins and other wildly uncoordinated cyclists. Hint: Beware of LaWow!

The city reportedly has a contingency plan, including special traffic lanes for bicycles and bike parking at city-owned buildings. I can hardly wait to witness that civil servant-inspired mediocrity in action. Hehe

And if you think riding a bicycle across the world’s most dangerous parking lot in artic conditions wearing nothing but a trucker hat and vans my prove too daunting and you like clicking, then I suggest you click here. Goodnight and good luck!


Gina Erdmann said...

Good thing a bunch of us at the office have cars!

guy said...

thank you for volunteering Gina. Please stop by my place in Cobble Hill at 10:29 am. Like shouldering the burden?

Clarence Darrow said...

With all their faults, trade-unions have done more for humanity than any other organization of men that ever existed.

John Martin said...

i said:

With all their faults, trade-unions have done more for creating a pampered group of slacker workers any other organization of men that ever existed


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the running mule