Monday, December 12, 2005

Holiday Forgiveness For Lucien Bahaj?

Vice Magazine Hosts Pink Pony Holiday Party

As rehashed by The Murse

Nobody seems to have told VICE Magazine's editorial side that the magazine ad department has a feud with Lucien Bahaj. After the magazine’s prodigy ad salesman, Thobey Campion, felt he had been mistreated at the restaurateur's namesake French-for-beginners LES eatery, Lucien, VICE sent acid-tongued office manager Melissa Burgos to review it. Whereupon Burgos found that, among other things, the remarkably unimpressive salmon tasted like “fishy, liver-filled condoms.” But now, strangely, VICE’s editorial side is holding its holiday party at Bahaj’s original bastion of mediocrity, The Pink Pony. Chosen by the VICE top brasser Eddy Moretti, The Pink Pony is well known as the go-to joint for last minute holiday parties on a shoestring budget. A spokesperson for the magazine was unsure if Campion would attend. Maybe they should trot out VICE’s prickly star photographer, Patrick O'Stale, to snap some shots of the reunion. Fat Chance.


nicole said...

melissa doesn't know the first thing about “fishy, liver-filled condoms.”

Melissa said...

Hey! Come on now.

insider said...

nice restaurant choice. terrible. how about thobey having to sit in the martin-moore hotseat! that's like the bermuda triangle of class

Anonymous said...

I heard kids were puking from the shrimp cocktail.

...Or maybe it was too much free booze.

Kay Oss said...

Will wearing a condom on my liver help protect it from the ravaging effects of heavy drinking?


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