Friday, December 16, 2005

Like Canadian Gossip? Gossip Is Here

With all the Americana being bandied about in these increasingly observed pages, we have treated our slightly less important neighbor to the North with unintentional neglect! Forgive us our sins, but the New York office produces just so much fodder that it can't be ignored. That said, Montreal is a doozy of a place in its own right, a prohibition nightmare town where people drink, do drugs, fuck and work menial hours because living costs are less than a flash addiction.

Racist Asians and rollerblading pot deliverymen aside, Ryan Archibald is easily the most notorious member of VICE Montreal. This Quebecois hunk will do anything to close a deal. Just ask about his misadventures on the night of Shane's 99 beer escapade! Fact or fiction? You be the judge.

RyGuy Arch is never one to kiss and tell. But sometimes his exploits are observed - such as the wild night out in The Plateau when he ducked into Miami's with his fellow vacuum salesmen The Murse and Swamp Thing. Our fine fellow bought one lovely lady a beer while inadvertently purchasing her services as well. Being the gentleman that he is, he politely reclined, of course.


mayflower said...

Talk about a glass half full!

shawn said...

Is that the guy from The Colbert Report?


the running mule

the running mule