Wednesday, December 07, 2005

All That Is Anger Melts Into Anguish

Last Friday night, as the NY Office day was winding down, a few of the fellas started hitting a bottle of absinthe and telling tall tales. At some point -- between the stories about being rusty hooked and a case of Sparks -- they decided to head down to Webster Hall for Against Me!

Once at the show, the drinking and boasting continued unfettered and some slam dancing broke out before the band even started playing. This here is hardcore, kids. Well, once the winsome, former folk-punk act took the stage, some mishmash of the green faerie elixir and a testosterone speedball took two of my boys down. Let's call them Trevor and Duffy. They were so enraptured by the emo-core band straight out of Gainesville, FLA that they decided then and there to get tattooed. And not just any tattoo kids, but the band's name, scribbled on their bodies, forever and a day.

I can't corroborate the reputed skipping and giggling on the way to the parlour and I have no idea about the holding hands during the painful session but who cares about that. My concern is that some day, 15 years from now one of them will be in a Jersey Shore bar with that tattoo peeking out just like the guy with the Dark Side of the Moon prism all bled out on his arm, upside down cause he was fucked up on acid and could "taste the colors, man" and now 20 years later it looks like a pro-lesbo tattoo. That might even be funny, but the tragedy of this affair was perhaps even simpler to predict than that.

Tattooers have notoriously bad hearing from the winding motor of the tattoo gun. They are like dentists in this regard but without the laughing gas which is what this story needs. In the hubub, the Hispanic tattooer mistook the boys' delirious jabberwocky for a band named "Againts Me!" Balloon please! So now the boys have matching Againts Me! tats conjoined elbow to ribcage. (if your browser can't track this link don't blame me) Like spellchecking?


steve o said...

hahaha. i think that is great!

peter murse said...

they are a great band. between adainst me! and ben weasel i could cover my body in song titles

rings said...

That was great! both the idiot act and the story I am just dazzled and vexxed.

Anonymous said...

music is fag, i mean fad

tattoo you said...

i have a 'rolling stonse' tattoo

Marie-Elaine said...

duffy is the life support for a cock.

Marie-Elaine said...

I know some chick who has Taking back sunday lyrics tattooed on her lower back and it says " and with my one last gRasping breath i'll apologize for bleeding on you'RE shirt ".

She wants to commit suicide i think.

man in athens said...

I'm a head in the crowd shot on the "Disco before the Breakdown" EP.

That said, like a lot of hardcore bands, their shows are better than they are.


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