Thursday, December 22, 2005

Sometimes Truth Is Stranger Than Fiction

There is a lot of love here at VICE and sometimes things get heated around the holiday intern table. But the rivalry engulfing Mr. C’s current and prospective gals has become a driver for VICE melodrama. Alexis, in particular, resents Krystle's supplication of her position as mistress of the C household and, at every opportunity, tries to undermine her. In the past, Alexis stole Krystle's converse high tops and tried repeatedly to ruin her relationship, most notably by finding Krystle's former husband William, Mr. C's son, and proving that their divorce was never finalized (and that, consequently, Krystle and Mr. C were adultereers). Numerous verbal confrontations have been witnessed by staff and peon alike on the 'past-its-prime' hipster highway, Bedford Avenue. On one occasion, Krystle overheard Alexis gossiping about her skinny white ass at a Greenpoint beauty parlour. Krystle appeared and announced that she too could "throw mud", and tossed a bowl of face mud all over Alexis' Misfits pullover. But their rivalry is hallmarked by a handful of catfights, beginning with one in Mr C's DUMBO loft, another in the lily pond at Galapagos, one in a mud pool in McCarren Park and the latest spat in Fast Ashleys’ studio.

Does anyone remember how to solve for C?


Emily Post said...

Finally some class!

UK Dietz said...

i'm sorry, could someone tell me what the fuck just happened?

What did Billy do this time?

sherlock said...

C=two names

maybe there's enough of him to go around?

A-right time said...

This is just silly. more silly then drinking whiskey at 1:18pm. More silly then dealing with Fedex.

Persuasion said...

I am right now reading these comments on the phone with FedEx!

Anonymous said...

This is too obscure. Who is C?!


the running mule

the running mule