Tuesday, December 20, 2005


So in NYC, the MTA struck at midnight and the drudge to work become instantaneously more so. Without the subway this place is a winter monster without charm. Most of us found our way to the VICE office unhindered but the queen bees of addVice, Nadine and Elhaam, apparently thought extorting their co-workers into assisting was worth a shot.

The Scene:
addVice / Vice Records office - 10:20 AM, Tuesday, December 20th...the day of the TWU transit strike.
Cold outside, cold inside.

The Cast:
Nadine - addVice fox, leader of the pack
Elhaam - addVice second fiddle, DJ extraordinaire
Will - tall, dark, brooding addVice staffer
Gina - addVice punk rock socialite
LaWow - fashionable frog
Chris - addVice man with the plan
Pat - Vice Records king of sting
Rory - addVice good guy, genial sort

and the action:

Will: Can you guys believe Nadine and Elhaam
yelled at Gina to pick them up in the city?

Office: What?!?! Ahahahaha!

Gina: They expect me to come in and get them. As if
I have nothing better to do.

Office: Tell them to walk.

Will: Tell Nadine to ride Elhaam on her handle bars
like that scene from the Wizard Of Oz where the wicked
witch grabs Toto and rides off.

LaWow: Tell them to get a cab.

Chris: I told them that I would come and get them to
prove a point that I wouldn't get back to the office until
it was time to go home. I bet they could walk here in the
time it would take for me to drive there.

Gina: I just got a text from Elhaam saying that if I was
stranded that they would come and get me.

Pat: Elhaam would be the first person to kick you off the
life boat of the Titanic to make room for her DJ equipment
to get to her set opening up for Nick Zinner's scarf.

(loud cheers and applause heard from all corners of office)

Gina: I just got a text from Elhaam saying Nadine fired me.

(Enter Rory holding a finger up)

Rory: I just walked the bridge.

(loud cheering all around)



John said...

oh mercy, i wonder who is going to get fired for this one?

Anonymous said...

best post ever.

ipg247 said...

just to clarify, it's all very funny. i think you all know where the whole princess thing came from. i was ready to walk or ride in but the divine miss E was wearing heels!!

kellie Allen said...

roar is such a trooper!

Chris Black said...

This MTA strike piece starring Elhaam and Nadine is NEXT LEVEL SHIT.

Please tell Pat that I love him for his insightful comment.


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the running mule