Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Coffee Is Out

Nifty design is something I grease on and this cute little swine is one of the best ideas since the kegging of beer. New York-based Matty Sallin fathered the Wake n' Bacon to appeal to those sluggish brutes among us for whom coffee is not enough to jump start a day. He wired an old alarm clock/oven to begin cooking bacon within inches of your slumbering olfactories. Talk about good mornings!

The Wake n' Bacon, along with even more eccentric backwoods design and fabrication endeavors, can be tracked in the new book Makers: All Kinds Of People Making Amazing Things in Garages, Basements, and Backyards, by Bob Parks. It would make a nifty Christmas gift for the Watsonian in your family who spends all his time putzing in the woodshop out back, although he would probably prefer the bacon-cooking alarm clock itself. And it should not go without saying that the BLT is the way to win mens' hearts and minds the world over.

P.S. Comments on other techie blogs worry about the bacon spoiling while you sleep even if you put it in frozen at bedtime. People are vexed about the stupidest things. Relax Park Slope Food Coop junkies. We all know hipsters who squawk about balderdash like potato salad out in the sun while snorting gaggers as if they were Roy Orbison on New Year's Eve. Oh, and can you imagine the innate temptation luring your favorite vegetarian unmercifully to this bedside treat at first light. Haha, they would be powerless against such a Trojan Hog. Along the same lines I suppose Jews and Muslims would toss and turn fitfully through breakfast as well, oh well, can't make everybody happy. Sorry, Phelan---Soooieee!!!


Murse said...

i would kill for one of those

maybe the next one can be a frypan that cooks eggs and hanger (aka breakfast) steak like at that shithole the pink pony

Miss Lee Bing Bing said...

That's not Watson's woodshop out back, it's The Den of 10,000 Pleasures.

aletheapanda said...

Where does the pot go in that contraption?

Eddy said...

I would love to buy one of these. I love to eat bacon. I love food.


toronto said...

oh yeah eddy? is that right? do you like eating? eat here!!!!

Coop said...

"Relax Park Slope Food Coop junkies."

what's a "coop junkie"?
I'm looking for addicts.

vegetarian said...

i had too much bacon for breakfast and now my tummers hurts.


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the running mule