Thursday, December 01, 2005

Hair Don'ts

This club kid gone Vegas look cracks me up. God bless women, but what goes on between their ears is almost as bizarre as what they will pile on top. The lengths they will go to reel in some wooly cheeked bozo know no bounds. Don't get me wrong, I think women are the superior sex. They are braver and more emotionally stable than boys, certainly more so than the pricks staffing this place. And riddle me this blahgees, how did the word pussy come to be synonomous with weak or timid? On the contrary, I reckon pussy is just about the most powerful dad gum thing in the world. So here is to pussy power! Even with the scaredoos. You know the old joke- Why don't women have brains? (if you are gonna tell this to a woman you gotta be quick with the punchline or you will be the punchline. just trust me.) Answer: Because they don't have a dick to put them in. Hehe. Lay that on a special lady some night and you'll be in like Flynn. Like Errol Flynn, if you're lucky,


will said...

those chicks are babes. what are you talking about this time?

Anonymous said...

I'd hit that.

jimmy said...

that is a good joke!

princess said...

scaredoos! bahahaha


the running mule

the running mule