Monday, January 09, 2006

Like Generating Complaints?

I have no idea who Scott Pankin is but the guy is clearly some kind of genius. His sinister internet toy is a favorite fallback and comes in oh so handy for disrupting work place efficiency in a jif. Check out what his brainchild did to this poor site:

Unless you're a newly hatched pod person, you already know that the VICE Rumor Mule uses people and destroys lives without compunction. But let me add that cannibalism is both a belief system and a material, institutional reality. To get right down to it, the VICE Rumor Mule's thinking is fenced in by many constraints. Their minds are not free because they dare not be. The VICE Rumor Mule favors manipulative psychological techniques over honest discussion, and besides, some organizations are responsible and others are not. The VICE Rumor Mule falls into the category of "not". The VICE Rumor Mule insists that it can override nature. In the long run, however, it's only fooling itself. The VICE Rumor Mule would be better off if it just admitted to itself that it respects the English language and believes in the use of words as a means of communication. Officious, wild schmoes like it, however, consider spoken communication as merely a set of noises uttered to excite emotions in sententious, filthy ogres in order to convince them to batten on the credulity of the ignorant. If you think that this is humorous or exaggerated, you're wrong. In the end, the VICE Rumor Mule's behavior is completely out of line.

The Generator!

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nadine said...

who knew it could be so easy?


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the running mule