Friday, January 27, 2006

Happy Hour

The VICE New York Office is one horny place. The goings on at the intern table itself are a bewildering swirl of intrigue and innuendo but it's the heavy hitters with drawers full mind altering and schlong-bending concoctions that is the craziest. A cursory glance in even the most unassuming player's desk yields sexual dynamite. So if you notice Trevor washing down a handful EXOTICA with Black Pearl Libido Enhancer you should probably step back about about 10 inches or so. Or be prepared to step up your game.


Gina Gold said...

Ive been formulating a sexual harassment log for weeks but it imploded with the 500th declaration of the word "boner".

snake said...

i find it amusing that gina was the first commenter on this post about trevor

captain jack sparrow said...

who stole my black pearl, arrgh

Anonymous said...

I think is was that Matt Shlichter kid. Yesterday I saw him chug a can and then he left in a hurry.


the running mule

the running mule