Tuesday, January 24, 2006

The Hound of Buskerville

Some of the guys who work at VICE Magazine go to trade shows on occasion to busk for the company. I have no idea what really goes on at events like ASR in San Diego or Magic in Vegas, but I'm certain that some of it involves hero worship by young asian-canadians and the debauched behavior of our Murse. This picture captures Toronto hotshot-hustler Nick Chen-Yin, decked out in straightedge gear downing a bit of liquid courage before meeting Bam Margera. The two-hour wait to get Mr. Margera's autograph, ostensibly for a sister conveniently named Nicki, is something we'll never forget. Brothers this good are hard to find even if there's really no evidence of said sister.


Stewed Sutcliffe said...

What a mop top! The guy looks like the missing asian dung beatle, John Lennon-Chang

Bam Margera said...

Sick wallet chain, bro!

Chinky Chen-Yip said...

Thats not even me. thats my long lost brother. no joke!


the running mule

the running mule