Sunday, January 29, 2006

The Kings of Kariki

Sometimes certain people are blessed with such pristine genome double-helix's that they resemble what geneticists call 'total babes'. Take our friend Steve for example. Here he's seen here with his doppelganger twin, Mark David Chapman. They are identical aside from one's long buttrock mane and the other's knowing smirk. Well, except for the fact that the Hessian is a Hollywood star and our pal is in the employ of a corporation involved with smooches of the Gallic variety. It should be noted that his lovely lady will be moving East shortly, effectively ending her days of lounging with B-list nymphettes and washed up goth rocksters. Paging Agent Mule! Rumor has it that when they first met, she was under the assumption that poor Steve was in fact, the other 'Steve' errr...Jared. No, not THAT Jared. What all does this have to do with VICE? Well the impending move has thrown hearts all aflutter far across the East River in our dear offices. Will a certain someone's take this well? Go ask Alexis.


s said...

it should also be known that there exist in the world a set of pictures that jordan catalano and i took with a gaggle of his adoring, blonde-haired fans. he told them we were cousins.

i challenge the mule to find them.

bela lugosi's dead said...

ok, which one of you smart asses signed me up for jared's january fresh reminder calls? WAFF! just wait 'til i smack you in your sunburned chest on shirtless dress up day.


the running mule

the running mule