Saturday, December 27, 2008

Tips On How To Enjoy The Upcoming Depression

This seriocomic comic book guide by Gabe Soria on getting the most out of the onset of the new lean times in the good ol' US of A was for the new issue of Arthur magazine. Ironically, Arthur is getting kicked in the butt by the economic downturn and the new issue is (hopefully) temporarily only available online instead of in your local coffee joint/record store. Illustrated by the great Joseph Remnant, the comic is a one-page assemblage of advice and nonsense suitable for printing, framing and posting on telephone poles and wheatpasting on boarded-up buildings everywhere.

Please support Arthur because it's a great mag and with all the cheap drinking he's devised, Gabe is gonna to have a lot of library fines.

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the running mule

the running mule