Monday, December 01, 2008

Passé Comitatus Already

Having never met a law or constitutional stipulation he liked, George Bubya is planning to illegally militarize our cities to the tune of 20,000 armed soldiers. The Civil War era Posse Comitatus Act was devised explicitly to prohibit this type of troop deployment within the borders of the United States and while it has long stood as the final bulwark against a nefarious government, its provisos have slowly been eroded by the malignant Big Brother/New World Order mission. This final bushwacking, which began with the so-called “war on drugs," is a wholesale overturn of the Act under the guise of “disaster preparedness.” Once again, the specter of 9/11 is being used to undermine the constitution and our civil protections.

Our already overstretched military will now be deployed within the United States “just in case” there are multiple simultaneous mass terrorist attacks. I thought the government had tapped our phones specifically to prevent this kind of bad guy action. Now we are supposed to relax in the knowledge that when the bombs go off, the US military will be there to shoot anyone left milling about? Convenient timing Mumbai. Alex Jones and Naomi Klein are gonna shit themselves when they see this report from The Real News Network featuring Bruce Fein.

UPDATE: Alex Jones wades into the fray.


Anonymous said...

new world order is upon us. george bush is the antichrist and this is indeed the beginning of the end of america

derrick said...

Bush is NOT a Texan. He is a liberal northeastern elite.

Anonymous said...

Looks we are gonna need the army whether you think it is legal or not

stockbauer said...

come and take it


the running mule

the running mule