Wednesday, December 31, 2008

New Year's Resolution

My New Year's Resolution for 2009 is to grow stones like Illinois Gov. Blagojevich. In pure shit-stirring defiance, he selected former state Attorney General Roland W. Burris to take the Senate seat of President-elect Barack Obama. Blago has the kind of balls I think most guys would be happy to have. Crazy dangling over sexed balls that may land him in prison but then again could get the man re-elected Governor. What a masterful political stroke to name a beyond approach african-american politician and dare anyone and everyone to challenge his selection. Daringly shrewd and fucking funny. Politics is the true stuff of pipe dreams.

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JJ Jr. said...

Dude outfoxed them all for sure. Burris in. God damn.

Anonymous said...



the running mule

the running mule