Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Blagojevich is Walking on Sunshine No More

Idiots come in every stripe but it's unimaginable Rod Blagojevich didn't see any of this coming. If you're daring people to tape your conversations you might want to check the hubris and keep the extortionering on the down low. Funny how the longer you get away with shit the more you feel you'll never get caught and in turn you step up your game. (see OJ) And trying to sell the rights to the most famously empty seat in the history of the US Senate while calling the president-elect "a motherfucker" seems a pretty rich game. In Blogojevich's case, the perceived Teflon® must have given him Alzheimers. His bizarro actions actions are either those of a brazen and thuggish crook or the most demented highbinder in a generation. The aluminum has surely come to roost in the lobes of the Governor's brain so throw out the pans, Patti and everybody plead insanity.

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billy tweed said...

I see he can still appoint himself to the Senate seat. That would be brilliant.


the running mule

the running mule