Friday, December 12, 2008

Gentrified Stake with Danny Hoch (& Derrick Beckles)

The rapid fire gentrification of the Brooklyn over the last 20 years has been an incredibly wild ride and Danny Hoch's one man show Taking Over nails the nuance and the specific realities. With his coterie of diverse and crazed Williamsburg characters he pokes sharp and incisive fun at an interesting turn in New York City history. It's a have to laugh or you'd be crying story. Everyone's affected by the maniacal development and while pretty young girls have ruined few neighborhoods, old-timers are both pissed and scared by the colonialism.

Unless you have lived through the endless tidal waves in Williamsburg and Greenpoint, it's hard to imagine any negatives associated with the sprucing up a shithole. And no one denies it was a shithole. Our own stumbling through the hood's mean streets of Hassidic gangs and wild dogs in the 90's led to the making of Toxic Brooklyn. Watch us here and go see Danny in the Theater cuz it's good to get out of the neighborhood for bit and clear your head. At least of the fumes.


kasias clay said...

Danny's response to the question is anything authentic left in Williamsburg kills.

The baccalao on Friday’s at Vecinos’ on South 4th is the best.

Douglas Elliman said...

Qhy would people want to live there? I can show them some much better places.

Anonymous said...

black new yorkers crack me up


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the running mule