Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Jonny's Quest

I'm not an animation nut but this documentary about the birth
of televised cartooning is fascinating. The focus is on Jonny Quest,
which at the time, was the most ambitious animated series ever
undertaken. With its international story lines, hi-tech gadgetry
and cool cat music, it was a revelation to a world of kids
previous geeked on physical dust-ups and talking animal hi-jinx.

It was one of my favorite cartoons as a kid. I wanted to roll with
J. Quest. So finding this amazing (fan-made?) documentary
is a mind-bender since all that's known is that it was “supposedly
made for a one time screening at a private function.” Hmm?
Doesn't matter. This is a seriously cool history trip down memory lane.

In the 1970s, Jonny Quest became one of the main targets
of parental watchdog groups such as Action for Children's
Television (ACT). With its multiple on-screen deaths, murder
attempts, use of firearms and deadly weapons (especially by
children, notably Jonny), frequent use of racial stereotypes,
and tense moments, Jonny Quest was decried as the epitome
of what was wrong with Saturday morning cartoons.
Today, Jonny Quest shall have his revenge. This whole video
clocks in at about 2 hrs and 20 minutes, broken down into 27
short chapters on YouTube, and assembled into this single
playlist. But if you’d like to create a single file, you can down
load all the clips from Chris Webber’s blog, his only caveat:
The original creators of the documentary have given me
permission to share this unique documentary but ask once
again that if you do download it and decide to copy it or share
it, please do not sell it or in any way create profit with it. This
was their sole requirement for posting it on YouTube.

If in these troubled economic times you can't afford vintage
clothes there's always this. Enjoy it some retro Saturday morning
with Bailey's Irish Cream in your coffee. And for god's sake,
if not mine, show it to some kids. Just please don't charge them.

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arthur andersen said...

This is terrific, Agent Mule. I watched the first 3 and will finish up for sure later. I had no idea you were old enough to know about Jonny Quest.

Ty said...

Aces all around as usual.

It's the enlightenment.

PH said...

The music is stellar

Karak the Magnificent said...

Subversive? This is corporate cartooning. Boring


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the running mule