Wednesday, June 17, 2009

It Was a Bit of a Blur

In his autobiography, Blur bassist Alex James admitted to blowing a million pounds on champagne and cocaine. This confession led to an invitation from Colombia's President Uribe to visit the country and see the damage being caused by the drug trade. He went, and the BBC filmed it as The Cocaine Diaries. While the BBC series is great, the book Bit of a Blur is real wallop of sex and drugs. Mix the media; it's a surprisingly pleasant cocktail.


Ty said...

Surprisingly insightful and intriguing for me. I'm really glad you posted it as mix. I don't know if I'd ever get around to reading the book (the review is extensive) but, yes, the mix is quite satisfying.

Has me thinking...the draw of celebrity (rock star, movie star, baller, rapper) has become such a huge part of our collective western psyche that I'd have to believe there are evolutionary elements in play. Even more than quiet/humble wealth and power, there is an overwhelming look-at-me drive here.

I remember believing as a teen that we would all become immune to advertising, the celebrity draw, and bullshit politics...I looked forward to the future of enlightenment and logic. We were OVER the hump!

Fuck! I was either naive as fuck or prematurely enlightened because I still see all of it as horse shit.

Ring$ said...

The Stockbauer of the UK


the running mule

the running mule