Sunday, June 21, 2009

Daddy's Proud

On this, the 2nd anniversary of my first Father's Day as a father, I was invited to type along with a daddy advice blog. The select staff of opinionated nut jobs launching this venture will certainly shake up the world of baby raising traditions. If not the babies themselves. Captaining this monsterssori ship is Gavin McInnes. Beyond yours truly, the cast of characters include luminaries Chris Nieratko and Jim Goad, plus some jewish dude named Benjamin who's there, I assume, to provide a more circumcised perspective.

Had I drawn the assignment in time to actually write for Father's Day, I would have fleshed out the thinking behind this morning's Tweet: "Wondering how many father's would promise to never have sex again just to get through this day?" Snappy fatherly thinking, eh? I'll try better for Gavin, the gang and you, so check My Dad Homies from time to time for the latest in child rearin', rip roarin', fun stuff.


dr. demento said...

My dad's mom was a McInnis - a very old family in Texas, going back to the Texas Revolution. My son is "Angus Henry McInnis Hamilton", to honor this family.
Maybe I'm related to Gavin?

Anonymous said...

immaturity is a hallmark of fatherhhod

Ty said...

Fatherhood rules. Now can she go to college already. Jesus, all "retuning" my guitars and shit.


the running mule

the running mule