Friday, June 12, 2009

Broadcasting Be Gone, Bye Bye TV

Analog TV signals will cease forever today. I imagine all the Extra-Terrestrials out there monitoring our convoluted radio frequency transmissions are gonna wonder what the hell happened. Saucer captains might just mistakenly launch a land rush at the infotainment void, so keep an eye on the night skies friend. And turn your radios on.

As many of you know, I lived without a TV until 9/11 made me desperate for images to corroborate the ones I'd personally witnessed. TV's changed the world but it's changed us too. We're addicted to the comforting HALesque modulation of the boob tube as it glad-hands us through the fun and not so fun stuff of life beyond our rooms. Today, in solidarity with my brothers in analog, I've decided to revert back to TVless Trace. It's not really such a deprivation with the interweb at hand but I like to think of it as a small protest against the end of free TV. Fuck cable and its narrowcasting ways.

I admit I'll miss the company and, in particular, the fast forwarding through recorded sporting events. My eyes glued to the box score graphic as the images hurtle by, on the look out for the slightest tic of a score to signal hitting the rewind and replay buttons. This rapid grab approach to TV made possible by the DVR was a time saver to be sure but may just be have been the fuel charging the adderall revolution. Saying bye bye to my TV won't change much, other than getting me out of the house more often. So look for me on a couch in front of a TV near you soon.

UPDATE: If you find yourself falling out of love with TV like I did, but are starved for video based news, use Livestation. It's pretty nifty.


Anonymous said...

Tv is overrated

Ty said...

Good idea, T. Even though we watch very little TeeVee in this house, I haven't pulled the plug yet (mostly videos and TiVo'd shit).

I blame the wife and offspring.

But, I continue my war against the tube by wielding and USING my TV-B-Gone every chance I get.

It rules and between that any my handy, portable cell phone jammer, makes for serious fun.

Old school hacker/phreaker/monkey wrench gang ethos.

Anonymous said...

Kudos on your work Mr. Crutchfield! Your stories are fantastically well-written and fresh Best of all, you exhibit a degree of level-headedness that has almost gone extinct amongst your peers. Keep up the good fight!


the running mule

the running mule