Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Michael Pollan for Secretary of Agriculture

Ever wonder where your food comes from or how the food industry finds the awful garbage stuffed into most grocery store staples? Regardless, you need to know Michael Pollan. Give him a listen here, it's fascinating and devastating stuff.

If that isn't sexy enough for you heads out there, he's written quite glowingly about marijuana's intoxication is his book The Botany of Desire plus a super far out story for Harper's Magazine titled Opium Made Easy regarding his run in with the war on drugs and counterculturist Jim Hogshire.

To get Michael Pollan considered for the Office of Secretary of Agriculture of the United States of America, sign the petition. It's your food, stupid.


Dr James Rippe said...

like Jim Jones i think you've had way too much Kool Aid

PJ said...

Corn squeezins make the world go round. Although sometimes dizzingly so.

Craig said...

I think Pollan would be a great choice for Secretary of Agriculture. I'm afraid the agribusiness lobby would likely attempt to thwart that plan, however. It will be interesting to see how much backbone Obama has.

What's up with the Zeitgeist plug there? Part One is excellent. I'm not convinced of the 9-11 conspiracy paradigm yet though. Too many leaps... I'll stick with Occam's Razor for now.


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the running mule