Wednesday, November 19, 2008

It Takes No Teeth To Eat Our Beef

Barbequed meats are the life blood of American culture and whether you prefer traditional sweet southern pork, the beefs of Central Texas' German and Czech traditions, Mexican influenced barbacoas and fajitas, or Cowboy styled muttons, Texas is ground zero. The King of Cue.

With apologies to neither vegetarians nor other regional pretenders, Calvin Trillin's piece in The New Yorker on Texas BBQ is worth ducking into, especially if the idea of beans and smoked brisket for breakfast tickles your fancy. Please tell me it tickles your fancy?

For the record here are the 50 best barbecue joints in the world.


the undomiciled sophisticate said...

harold's pit in abilene is the best goddamn brisket in north america. I have some of his 21 pepper relish in my fridge, holy jesus is that shit good.

chenyip said...

You Texans need to discover pig. It's this portly shaped animal that usually has a curly tail. Muslims really ain't a big fan of it, but your northern neighbors in Kansas worship it like Ted Haggard worships cock. Try it out some time!

rings said...

lets go eat!

Loose Stool said...

I've been meaning to go, kinda waiting for the fanfare to die down. Everyone I know who's had it says it's truly the best.


the running mule

the running mule