Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Back In Black

Like a phoenix, extreme leftist groups are risen in France. A black flag from the ashes of Action Directe's 1987 destruction is on the prowl. Black, or the negation of color, is most often associated with NYC fashion and anarchist groups. Like-minders that stand in opposition to the oppressive structures of plain jane clothing and stupid ass government respectively. The latest on on this seasons anti-govt blackies comes from French terrorism expert Roland Jacquard:
The economic and financial crisis the world is now experiencing is a dream come true to the extreme-left, especially with mainstream leftist political parties unable to mount any real opposition to ruling conservatives. That brings the possibility of social unrest radical leftists may seek to exploit — or even provoke through violence of their own.

With apologies to Oliver Hardy, here's another fine mess unforeseen by the Project for the New American Century.



Anonymous said...

black is the new gold

Anonymous said...

probably just departing neocons.

linda bird johnson said...

you right wing bias is less that comforting.

agent mule said...

Dear Linda Bird,

I am like a kiwi in this american political exercise. Wingless


the running mule

the running mule